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Delvi Brokerage LTL offers skilled teams of less-than truckload brokerage operations specialist that provide premium quality service from pick up, through tracking and tracing, to final carrier/customer invoice for every single shipment that our customers rely on for accuracy and timeliness. Our system is tailored to each of our customer needs of LTL shippers. Our software provides an industry leading, all-in-one solution for obtaining quotes, booking, and managing shipments.


Delvi Brokerage specializes in the cost-effective design and management of third-party logistics services for raw materials and manufactured goods. Delvi Brokerage can accommodate the customer’s requirement, from a simple transportation point solution to providing a full turnkey transportation management program, backed by cutting-edge shipping analytics and monitoring technology.

As part of the Delvi Brokerage Services, we enable:

  • Exceptional loss prevention (zero claims loss or damage in more than three years)
  • Consistent and documented on-time performance
  • Proactive communication with 24/7-365 live dispatch
  • Time for you to concentrate on your core competency


At Delvi we understand our transportation and logistics customer’s needs. We are looking for way to save time, money and 100% delivery accuracy. Air freight shipping means on-time delivery is a top priority.
Our technology, relationships, and team of industry professionals provide an unparalleled ability to meet your most important shipping needs.


A Nationwide Network Of Warehouses To Serve Your Company’s Supply Chain Needs
Delvi leverages our large footprint to get the best rates and service for our customers supply chain needs. Our solutions allow you to decrease transportation costs, increase fill-rates, and respond quickly to changes in customer demand. You can decrease your cost of transporting product to market. The overall cost of regional freight shipment out of our fulfillment centers will be much less expensive than shipping cross country.


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