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About Us

Delvi, Inc. is the leader in air cargo and maritime consolidation services to Panama. With more than 22 years of experience in the shipping industry we ship to the finest businesses and families of Panama. Delvi Inc. partners with customers and vendors to help them achieve growth and profitability objectives by being a leader in technology and providing best-in-class supply chain services,at a competitive price. Our services include and are not limited to Priority Air move to Panama, Regular Air Cargo to Panama,Perishable Air goods to Panama, and Maritime or container cargo including dry goods to Panama, air conditioned freight to Panama,refrigerated cargo to Panama and frozen shipments to Panama we have weekly loads.

Our services also include shipping letters, bills, catalog and magazine subscriptions free of charge to Panama. Through the use of our address in Miami,and your name our clients have enjoyed years of the convenience of being able to purchase from anywhere in the USA.

Our Cargo to Panama services have been crucial to industry and friends shipping things from a DVD to medical equipment through the use of our weekly air shipments or heavy equipment via our maritime service. All of this is provided with the guarantee of a service that is easy to use, fast, affordable and secure.


Delvi, Inc. vision is to be the best cargo consolidator shipping to Panama and continue to lead the way in customer service,pricing and services. We have always set the way in the industry charging the right and fair price. Also offering the best customer services that only a major exporter with 22 years of experience can offer like free mail and catalog forwarding to our clients, how can we do this, our volume. We strive to always exceed the expectations of our customers.


“Our mission declares our purpose as a company. It serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. It is the foundation of our Manifesto.

Here at Delvi we stride to provide excellent customer service. To achieve this we have adopted the values of our parent corporation.and offer excellence in our fast and secure services, whose benefits and value are recognized by our clients. We believe in promoting,from within a corporate environment which recognizes respect, integrity and sincerity, the opportunity for our associates to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Continuously improve our processes to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

To share the benefits of our progress with Missionary works around the World (those who are most in need), our associates and stock holders


Our services include and are not limited to:

  • Road Freight Transportation to Panama
  • Moving and Relocation Service to Panama
  • Special Cargo Handling to Panama
  • Dangerous Goods transportation to Panama
  • Oversized equipment transportation to Panama
  • International moving to Panama
  • Cargo Insurance to Panama
  • Custom Clearance in Panama
  • Storage and Cargo distribution in Panama
  • Cargo to Panama
  • Freight to Panama
  • Move to Panama
  • Moving Cargo to Panama
  • Air Freight transportation to Panama
  • Sea Freight transportation to Panama

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take the cargo to get there?

. Air shipments 2 days
. Ocean shipments 2-3 weeks.

How often do you send to panama?

Every week.

How do Panamanians feel about foreigners moving there?

Panamanians don't bat an eye at expats living here, primarily due to the fact that U.S. citizens and other foreigners have had such a strong presence in this country since 1903 (when the U.S. took over administration of the Panama Canal).

What documents do I have to send with the cargo?

An invoice must be provided for all cargo.

Can you pick up my cargo?


How does this work?

.First you send an email to info@ delvi.com with your name phone number invoice of your purchase and dimensions of your box. (someone will get back to you in 24hrs.)
. Secondly you drop off/ ship/ or we pick up your cargo . Third we ship your cargo out to panama
. Lastly you get a phone when your cargo is ready to be picked up at Riba Smith

Can I send food and medicine?


Can I send a car to Panama?

Of course!

How do I give my US supplier the address?

Remember it is very important to include your name so we know who to ship the box to in Panama.

Approximate time of arrival?

This is our fastest and most expensive method of shipment, though expensive your package will be ready to be picked up the next day.


This is the most common and most used shipping method. We safely place your items inside a 40 cu. container, and have an approximate arrival time of two weeks. So in saying that if a package is dropped off at Delvi, Inc it will arrive in Panama approximately two weeks after being dropped off.


Contact Us

Delvi Inc
7925 NW 66th Street,
Miami, FL 33166.

Hours: (Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM)
Phone: 305-477-1174
Fax: 305-477-1176
E-mail : info@delvi.com